Tuesday, August 27, 2013

End of an ERA: the band dis-bands!

Our saddest blog post here ever.
Steve has a new  (and exciting) job in Washington D.C.
We are wishing him well and are sure he'll go on to do great things.

It's kind of hard to maintain a band when the lead singer/guitarist and life of the party wanders off to the capitol. So after seven years M.A.S. is no more, or at the very least is on infinitely extended hiatus ...never say never...

Come on down to LesCaves http://www.biercaves.com/ for our grand going away show. Wed. 08/28 from 8-10. See you there!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

4th Wed. at LesCaves

We're playing every 4th Wed. of the month at LesCaves
Real consistent like. http://lescavesmusic.blogspot.com/
...at least so far.  As a result not much gets posted here.
More later

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

About the Band

M.A.S.@ Block 15, St.Paddys Day 2011:  Kirsten W., Steve Wojcikicwicz, Michael Everett, Laureen Urey.
Originally formed by Steve and Michael after they met at the Corvallis Celtic Session not long after Steve moved to town in mid 2007 to play "Songs of Ireland, Beer and the Sea" at various local venues. Practice sessions were frequently out at the Saturday Market, where several months later they met up with local punk drummer and band front-man Dustin Herron. The band took on an up tempo punkish edge and played several local gigs over the next two years, culminating as the headline performers at Blocktoberfest fall 2009 in front of 500 yelling dancing (and somewhat drunk) fans. That really was fun, but we decided to take it back to slightly quieter roots and Dustin moved on to his new punk band "Abolishionist."
In 2011 the band was fortunate to add Kirsten W. on accordion and vocals and Laureen Urey on Bodhran and vocals. Laureen has other commitments now and can only play occasionally, but it's great when she does. The new sound is working really well and has resulted in a marked increase in bookings across the central Willamette valley and central Oregon coast.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Paddy's Revenge!

Since M.A.S was unavailable to play their yearly gig at Block15 for St.Paddy's Day, we put together an alternate band at kind of the last minute to fill that slot.

We went to the best Celtic session in the area and recurited some of the hottest young celtic players and well;
It's Gonna Be Great!

Block15, 3rd and Jefferson Corvallis 7:30-10:30 17thMar.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Events! but no St.Paddys

The big news is we WON'T be headlining St.Paddy's day at Block 15 this year. We made it for what I think is like 4 years in a row. Not to worry, another fine Celtic band has been booked for that slot so you'll still have a good time.
Imagine Coffee and Arts has asked us back: March 8th. Figure 7:30 to a little after 9:
And, we'll be continuing to play the 4th Wednesday of every month (except Dec.) at LesCaves 8-10.
We promise to have a good time and it's pretty good odds that you will too.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going Dark! at Hop&Barrel

We return to the new(ish) Hops&Barrel House in Downtown Independence for the Going Dark! experience: 4 venues in the greater Independence metropolitan area Dark beers (and other things) -AND- a shuttle bus. Good times. Saturday Feb.2nd 4-6PM